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Our Philosophy

When you can get your thoughts in order, you can take action.

The MindMeld Coaching philosophy is to get you moving from being the Best Supporting Actor to being the Star of your own Life. This means helping you achieve the goals you want, and leave past those bad habits, upsetness, and limiting decisions that may be holding you back.

The coaching and training provided at MindMeld Coaching is focused on helping you make changes more easily and quickly, than if you tried going it alone.

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MindMeld Coaching’s two mantras

1. Think Right Act Right

Our minds are like a garden – helpful thoughts are like flowers, and unhelpful thoughts are like weeds which can run rampant if we keep our thought processes unchecked. In order to have our lives blossom and grow we have to weed the garden regularly. When you think thoughts that are helpful to you, then you will act accordingly.

2. We GROW our Clients, we don’t harvest them

The GROW model is a great coaching tool for working with individual clients and groups. GROW stands for each of the four coaching phases of identifying your Goal, exploring your current Reality, brainstorming Options, and creating an action plan for your Way Forward. In this way, clients get to the end of a coaching session knowing how to create positive and profound changes, and so they ‘flower’ after just one session. While we do enjoy long lasting relationship with clients, we help them make changes and become independent to get on with their lives.

Clients & Testimonials

Loved by loads of happy customers

Brenda’s approach is very unique. She looks at the whole person and understands how to personalise each coaching session for each client. She has a technique for working out what learning style they are most receptive to and then runs the session like that and gets great results. I think Brenda is amazing and have recommended her to so many people.

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Miranda Millen

Director of Miranda Millen Make-Up Artistry