What makes you tick? The iWAM diagnostic tool can help you find out.

Why iWAM?

The iWAM tool  is so helpful in identifying what makes you tick at work.

Have you ever wondered:

  1. Why do I keep finding myself in the same old situations at work?
  2. How come when I get a new job, it just feels like the icky one I decided to leave?
  3. What criteria can I keep in mind while I search for a new role that will satisfy me?
  4. How can I tell if this workplace is right for me before I accept the role?

Or as a caring and empathetic leader of people you ask yourself:

  1. Why does it seem like we talk past each other in our team?
  2. How can I tell if this person is right for this role?
  3. How can we be even more productive and engaged as the team?

What is iWAM?

iWAM stand for inventory of Work, Attitude, and Motivation.  It measures your motivations at work- you know the ones that you  sense are just below the surface of your understanding.  iWAM measures across 48 different thinking patterns at work to give you a personalised picture of how you like to be convinced, what makes a task a priority to you in your world. iWAM is used in more than 30 countries around the world, and results are valid to 0.89 percent. It’s an on-line diagnostic tool that doesn’t take long to complete.

iWAM doesn’t put you in a box with a label or tell you that you are stuck with these results for life.  Rather, it shows natural preferences and patterns that might be brought to the surface because of your current job.

How can you use iWAM?

You can use iWAM:

  1. For yourself to help you plan your career. You can book a one on one coaching session with me.
  2. For you and colleague to help you work together really well
  3. For your team, to deepen your understanding of how you all tick.  This comes with a workshop to unpack your reports and create an action for working together even better.

Your Personalised iWAM Reports

The reports are incredible!  You don’t just get one report, you get five reports all about you.  Plus you can get your iWAM report matched to a colleague’s to see your similarities and differences in motivations.  And the Team gets a team report.

Here’s how one of my coaching clients has found it.

“I found Brenda’s iWam assessment report and coaching so valuable and fascinating! It really helped me hone down what is essential to me in the workplace and what I need/want to avoid. I also found them team analysis between myself and a team member wonderfully helpful. It allowed us to see the areas we are well matched, areas of potential difficulty, and areas that neither of us had covered that we may find important in considering with any potential new team members. I would highly recommend iWam to anyone wanting some clarification and direction. Thank you again Brenda for all your insight.” – KS, Wellington.

If you are keen for an iWAM report for yourself, or for a team analysis and awesome workshop, please contact me on +64 21 847727 or email us with your enquiry.

Brenda holding her certificate as an Accredited iWAM Practitioner