Help Your Team Feel Accomplished and Successful Going Into Their Easter Break.

Brenda, Dayna (our essential service worker in the Police Call Centre – our family is so proud of her) and bunnies.

You can ask your team members these questions in your virtual one on one catch-ups or at your team check-ins.

The questions.

1.What do you feel good about that you have achieved this week? (Big or small, work or personal.)

2.What is something in your current life situation that you feel grateful for?

3.What fun activities are you looking forward to doing over the Easter Break?

Why these are great coaching questions.

Question 1 – Achievements. When we judge our day on our productivity but cannot access the files we need, it’s hard to feel productive. It is useful to notice achievements both big and small.

Question 2 – Gratitudes create a growth mindset. The more we notice what we are grateful for, the more positive things will manifest.

Question 3 – Looking forward. Anticipation and optimism help us feel more in control. Identifying fun activities over Easter creates a sense of difference between workdays and weekends which leads to a stronger sense of structure.

Enjoy your Easter Break!

Brenda, Kristan, Dayna and Bunnies!

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