What’s in the Present Box?


This is one question I hear from my family regularly throughout the year, and even more frequently during December.

This week I started my Christmas shopping

Normally I don’t leave it this late, but the Christmas cheer really only struck me this week. So far (spoiler alert), I have purchased one hot water bottle with a yin/yang symbol on it and one ornamental box of matches. They are labelled and in my Present Box. I am 98 % sure the recipients will love these gifts.

Please don’t get the idea that I am a Christmas-aholic. Let me be clear – I can not glaze a ham, nor can I bake a Christmas cake, and I have no intention of ever learning how. I am good with sparkly things (more tinsel anyone?), and finding great gifts.


Reduce Christmas craziness

My point in sharing this with you is that you can reduce Christmas Overwhelm 2015 by:

  • Taking One cardboard or plastic box and labelling ‘Present Box’, of ‘Gifts’
  • Purchasing presents for lovely family and friends through the year
  • This bit is important – labelling the gifts so you know who they are for
  • Creating a Christmas list on your smartphone to record your good ideas for presents and notes on shops you need to recce for great gifts

The only downside to the Present Box is that less Christmas-oriented family members (said with love) try to raid it at Christmas time. So I have expanded the Present Box concept to include them and their needs in the shopping.

Okay, so the other downside is that I get so excited about having bought someone the perfect gift that I give it to them the next time I see them. Now, like a grown up I enjoy the anticipation. Except last month, I handed over a book on movie hairstyles to my hairdresser that I had intended to save for Christmas. But she was so happy!!

Hopefully, this Present Box concept won’t make you feel any more overwhelmed about Christmas, but rather will help you feel more in control.

It is a lovely way to buy presents that really match recipients

  • No more last minute shopping!
  • No more re-gifting!
  • No more extra expense in one month!
  • No more crappy $2 presents
  • No more Christmas clutter!
  • More relaxed you!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 4.19.18 pm

So what’s in your Present Box?



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